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  • Clean Modern Facilities

  • Highly Trained Staff

  • Over 200 Knitting







  • Stable Exchange Rate

  • Most Favored Nation

  • Low Minimum Order Quantities

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Businesses need a supplier that can get their products from design to delivery fast. UET has a dedicated team to support each customer through this process. Whether you already have your design or you just have an idea of what you need, UET will walk you through the process to get your product out to market quickly.

Fast turnover will also allow larger businesses to add new products quickly as the market changes. You can always stay ahead of your competition and your sales will increase. Low Minimum Order Quantities are a benefit to both small and large businesses. Large operations can test many different styles and designs and then ramp up production of the products that have the most potential. With Low Minimums, your business will not have excess inventory laying around that you can’t sell.

Small businesses can compete with larger ones by taking advantage of our low minimums. You can have your own product and quit relying on drop shipping or being the middle man. You won’t have to commit to large orders and you can keep your budget under control while growing your own brand name.

UET International places the customer first. We are committed to giving you the product you want at a price that is competitive. We have low minimum order quantities that start at 300 pieces. This allows you to test designs and products before you commit to large orders. Low minimums also allow the small business owner the ability to provide customers with their own branded product and keep inventories at a manageable level.

If you are the manager of a group that wants to create your own custom products for a promotional campaign, then UET can deliver specialty items in custom packaging. Get your promotional knitted products on time and in quantities that won’t break your bank account by choosing us. Our highly trained staff can create your custom designs from scratch with your guidance. Our fast turnaround time from development to delivery will allow you the maximum time to run your promotion.

Larger companies will appreciate the one on one relationship UET gives to all its customers. Personalized service and high quality products are our trademark. We have the ability to manage any size order from as small as 300 pieces up. Big orders are no problem for UET. Choosing UET to supply all of your knitted products means you have a long term partner that can keep up with your demand as you grow. If you are ready to get your knitted products delivered, please contact us for a personalized quote.