UET Team 2014

UET International Corporation joined the Clark Unity Games 2014 Sportsfest. It is an inter-locator sports competition organized to promote camaraderie and cooperation among the Clark Freeport Zone locators. We are proud to our team for doing there best in the game and for the unity they showed. Eventhough we did not make it to the top. We are proud and happy to be part of the game. We are one team!

Neil Lampa named Plant Manager

He is one of the workaholic persons I’ve known. He’s the person who can manage his time very effectively in performing several tasks. Let’s get up close with Mr. Neil Lampa and his stories about his own success. AL: How do you manage your time being the Beanie Production Manager/Designer and now a Plant Manager of the factory? MR. NL: As a production manager/designer in the beanie department that task is easy for me from my experience. But as a Plant Manager is more of a challenge to me. Being a Plant Manager you have to be Patience, Motivator, Problem Solver and most of all you know how to listen […]

UET’s 2nd Anniversary

Universal Equipment Trade International Corporation known as UET International Corporation held’s its 2nd Anniversary last April 16, 2014. The gathering start at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. The celebration found fun and enjoyment to unwind from the hard works of each workers. Yet it is a simple gathering for each of us but it’s make the party special on how does all workers gathered or unite themselves us one. The journey of UET International Corporation continuous to achieve marketing goals, promoting its corporate identity and encouraging sales. As a public relation opportunity, it is a way for a firm to celebrates past accomplishments while strengthening the good relationship with employees […]