About Us

In 2012, Tommy Moose founded the UET International facility in the Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga Philippines after researching knitted products for a client. UET was started primarily as a consultation, project management, and international trade company based in the USA. Tommy decided to fill a void in the knitted product manufacturing arena. Many smaller companies needed access to competitively priced products without the hassles of large minimum order quantities. The Philippines was the perfect choice to start UET because it has a large pool of highly skilled workers, enjoys favored nation trade status with the USA, and the freeport facilities provided the infrastructure needed to get products to market easily.

Tommy found that the family values of the Filipino people carried over in their work ethic. As he described the business at the 2015 Christmas Party, he talked of how he had not created a business, but how all of the men and women who work at the factory had created an extended family together and this was the reason UET has grown so much in the last 4 years.


UET prides itself  on our ability to provide world class service to all our customers. Whether your company orders 200 pieces per year or 200,000 per month, your success is our success. Our highly trained team can get your knitwear designed, produced and delivered on time. We have the production capability to grow as you grow.