Organizational Chart 2014
He is one of the workaholic persons I’ve known. He’s the person who can manage his time very effectively in performing several tasks. Let’s get up close with Mr. Neil Lampa and his stories about his own success.

AL: How do you manage your time being the Beanie Production Manager/Designer and now a Plant
Manager of the factory?
MR. NL: As a production manager/designer in the beanie department that task is easy for me from my experience. But as a Plant Manager is more of a challenge to me. Being a Plant Manager you have to be Patience, Motivator, Problem Solver and most of all you know how to listen not only with employees but also to the customers. Every day is a different task and never a dull moment. Challenge is what keeps me going.
AL: What makes UET International Corporation different from other companies you know?
MR. NL: UET is more like a Family orientated. We all help each other out not like individual where I use to work for.
AL: How do you motivate your staffs to work well?
MR. NL: Here in UET it’s not hard to motivate employees. Just tell them what to do and they will do it. Sometimes I reward them for their hard works.
AL: What vision do you have for UET International Corporation for the next 5 years to come?
MR. NL: Since I started here in UET I’ve seen the company grow year after year. I vision UET Company to be bigger and better in the next five years, and will succeed.